Jason K. Allen

Jason K. Allen is the President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to his seminary duties, Allen has served as pastor and interim pastor of several Southern Baptist churches. Dr. Allen holds a Bachelor of Science from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, as well as M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from Southern Seminary. Currently, in addition to his responsibilities as president of Midwestern Seminary, he serves the church more broadly through writing and preaching ministries.

Nov 11

4 Reasons for Pastors to Guard Their Hearts by Jason K. Allen

Ultimately, our hearts are most guarded when they are most satisfied in a person: Jesus Christ.

Oct 12

How to Assemble Your Sermon by Jason K. Allen

Learning to assemble your study notes into a cohesive sermon is a must for pastors.

Sep 9

Are You Willing to Surrender? by Jason K. Allen

A willingness to go wherever includes a willingness to minister to whomever.

Aug 19

9 Disciplines of a Successful Seminary Student by Jason K. Allen

It is better get an ‘A’ at home and a ‘C’ in the classroom, than an ‘A’ in the classroom and a ‘C’ at home.

Aug 4

Jason K. Allen on Confessionalism and Theological Education by Jason K. Allen

FTC.co asks Dr. Jason K. Allen, President at Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College, “Why do you consider being confessional integral to the health of a theological institution?”

Jul 20

Recovering the Exclusivity of the Gospel by Jason K. Allen

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Jason K. Allen explains the importance of asserting and advocating the exclusivity of the gospel.

Jun 1

4 Essentials of Great Preaching by Jason K. Allen

Nothing is more pathetic than a man preaching from a Bible he doesn’t believe.

Apr 28

Jason K. Allen on the Rising Generation of Pastors and Students by Jason K. Allen

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Dr. Jason K. Allen, President of Midwestern Seminary and Spurgeon College, "What encourages you about the rising generation of pastors and students today?"

Apr 15

Has God Gifted You to Preach and Teach His Word? by Jason K. Allen

Preaching is God’s divinely ordained means of communicating His Word, nourishing His church, and redeeming a people for Himself. 

Mar 25

Did We in Our Own Strength Confide? by Jason K. Allen

Our hope awaits an eternal consummation, but we minister with buoyancy and confidence even now.