Jason Kees

Jason Kees (Ph.D. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), a Regular Contributor to For The Church, serves as Pastor of Discipleship at East Leesville Baptist Church in Leesville, and as adjunct Professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and California Baptist University. He is married to Heather and is the father of Kathryn. You can follow him on Twitter at @jpkees.

Jul 27

FTC Preaching Guide: Revelation by Jason Kees

Revelation is one of the most difficult books of the Bible to preach and teach. But for the one who patiently and carefully mines the caverns of this marvelous work, there are riches to be unearthed.

Dec 2

What Did Mary Know? by Jason Kees

How often has God told us in the Scriptures that he is good, but we choose our own golden calf? 

Oct 16

Dear New Seminary Student by Jason Kees

Separating vocational ministry from academic ministry is something I would encourage you to avoid. 

Apr 12

The Exclusion of Christ by Jason Kees

The Lord knocks at their door in order to remind them of who they forgot.

Sep 4

The Danger of the Ordinary by Jason Kees

If we get into the habit of weekly preparing our sermons while forgetting the who of the biblical text, we miss the point of the Gospel.

Jul 6

Don’t Study to Pass by Jason Kees

My encouragement to you is that if you are presently in your Bible college or seminary education, do not study for a passing grade. Remember now why you are studying God’s word.

May 27

Organization To The Glory of God by Jason Kees

We have been given a set, predetermined number of days to walk this earth. We should, by God’s grace, make every one of them count.

May 4

Your Student Ministry Needs Expository Preaching by Jason Kees

I began to realize that I failed miserably as a youth minister to the students who were under my care. I saw for the first time what preaching truly is, how serious it should be taken, and what is at stake. I went back to my dorm room, sat down on the floor, and wept.