Jaylenn Wong

Nov 3

Lord, Restore the Years the Swarming Locusts Have Eaten by Jaylenn Wong

The same God who promised to restore the years lost to the swarming locusts is the same God you serve today.

Oct 13

Loving The Legalists by Jaylenn Wong

Do you still bear the marks that legalism left? If so, do you have compassion and love for those who are still under that lash?

Aug 25

Losing Friends by Jaylenn Wong

New graces come with new friendships, and friendships of the past can shrink into the background so that God can shape and mold through new ones. 

Aug 5

God’s Incomprehensibility and Eternal Joy by Jaylenn Wong

During my childhood, it was commonplace to lose sleep over an irrational fear of heaven. Yes, heaven. As a child, I feared heaven more than I feared Hell. Of course, this was an irrational fear, but I had not yet been taught the Bible or discipled in areas of theology. Perhaps you wonder what would […]