Jeanie Layne

Jeanie Layne is a Master of Divinity student and employee of Midwestern Seminary. She is a member of Liberty Baptist Church, Liberty, Missouri, and has a passion for seeing women engaged in a study of God and right application of truth. She blogs with several women from her church at as an effort to provide women in the church with resources for serving God rightly through sound theology. Layne plans to pursue career mission work at the conclusion of her studies and writes under a pseudonym with this goal in mind.

Jun 2

Made In His Likeness by Jeanie Layne

Man’s supreme function through all eternity is to reflect God’s highest glory…that God might look into the mirror called man and see His own glory shining there.

Feb 5

A Bid for the Throne and a Rightful Heir by Jeanie Layne

When I’m fearful of a broken and hostile world, the presence of a King who dwells among His people emboldens my faltering hopes.

Sep 11

3 Ways The Trinity Affects My Singleness by Jeanie Layne

When I am tempted to bemoan gifts I feel the Lord has withheld, the Godhood of each person of the Trinity helps me to see God’s gifts correctly. 

Jul 10

The Mysterious Trinity and Why It Matters by Jeanie Layne

It matters that we get the Trinity correct because it pertains to the God we love and worship, and we want to worship Him rightly. 

May 18

Why We Need Theology by Jeanie Layne

Without proper study of God, we cannot know what will please Him or how to best worship him.