Jeremy Writebol

Jeremy Writebol, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, is the husband of Stephanie and father of Allison and Ethan. He serves as the campus pastor of Woodside Bible Church in Plymouth, MI. He is also the author of everPresent from GCD Books and writes at You can follow him on Twitter at @jwritebol.

Jun 8

Training Up Leaders by Jeremy Writebol

I have learned that “growing a garden” is one of the most enjoyable and fruitful things that you can do in ministry. In fact, I might be so bold as to say that unless you are working to train up and develop leaders in your church plant you probably aren’t being faithful to the biblical calling you have as a pastor or church planter.

Jun 5

Mapping a Pastoral Call, Part Four by Jeremy Writebol

Has God clearly impressed upon your heart and life in some way that the only course of life and action for you is to serve the Lord, even to the final drop of blood and the last breath of your lungs in laboring hard for the advance of the gospel? If not, please do something else.

Jun 2

Mapping a Pastoral Call, Part Three by Jeremy Writebol

It was probably the most difficult conversation I had ever had. Sitting across from me were two leaders I had a great deal of respect for and a large desire to work with. I couldn't wait to be part of this team, launching a new work with them. And then the bottom fell out.

May 26

Mapping a Pastoral Call, Part Two by Jeremy Writebol

Have you ever seen someone attempt something they aren't capable of accomplishing? On one hand, you feel there is a sense of nobility in the effort they put forward to carry out whatever task they've put their misdirected skill to accomplish. On the other hand it's uncomfortable and troubling to watch someone flounder, fail and become frustrated with themselves over the toil of their labor. They just aren't in the right fit for their work.

Apr 8

Mapping a Pastoral Call, Part One by Jeremy Writebol

Men who are called to the pastoral office want to be there. They feel it in their bones. "God made me for this, and this is what I will do by his grace." Calling to the ministry doesn't exist apart from a desire to do that work.