Jordan Wilbanks

Jordan Wilbanks serves as the Director of Church Partnerships at Midwestern Seminary and oversees The Timothy Track, a church-based mentorship program for residential MDiv students. Jordan and his wife, Beverly, are members of New Life City Church. Before coming to Kansas City, Jordan served as a founding member and an elder at Christ Fellowship Church in Birmingham, Alabama. You can follow Jordan on Twitter at @JPWilbanks.

Aug 5

Pastoral Advice Worth Repeating: Walk With God (Part 1) by Jordan Wilbanks

When enough godly people say the same thing over and over, it’s best to pay attention.

Dec 5

3 Lies the Church Believes About Singleness by Jordan Wilbanks

While singleness may, at times, be a function of cultural shifts and an extended adolescence among some adults, no single person remains single outside of the sovereignty—and goodness—of God.