Justin Buzzard

Justin serves as Lead Pastor of Garden City Church and is co-founder of Three Sons Club. Buzzard works to transform the Bay Area by training church planters with City to City Bay Area and Acts29, and connecting people to a holistic vision of human flourishing as City Leader of Made to Flourish in Silicon Valley. Justin is the author of several books including The Big Story and Date Your Wife. Justin’s home is Silicon Valley, where he lives with his wife, Taylor, their three sons, and a great company of friends.

Oct 26

Episode 183: Justin Buzzard on Ministry in Silicon Valley by Jared C. Wilson and Justin Buzzard

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, we continue an occasional series on diverse missional contexts, as Jared Wilson interviews church planter and author Justin Buzzard about gospel ministry in the Silicon Valley of California.

Oct 22

Ditch the Kleenex and Let People Cry by Justin Buzzard

Next time someone opens up and cries in your presence, just sit there, listen, and watch what happens.

Oct 2

The One Thing God Exalts by Justin Buzzard

God is in the business of opposing and exalting, of bringing down and lifting up.

Sep 20

Say it in a Sentence by Justin Buzzard

Pastor, you aren't ready to preach until you can state what your sermon is about in one, clear sentence.