Luke Holmes

Luke Holmes is a pastor at FBC Tishomingo, OK.  He is married to Sara and has three young daughters.  He is a student online through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's Church Revitalization program. He blogs semi-regularly at, and tweets at @lukeholmes.  

Jun 5

Old Books, New Books, and Trends That Fade Away by Luke Holmes

The waves of trends beat against the rocks of God’s Word. They make quite a noise, but they can never change it.  

Jan 28

Christ Puts a Comma Where the World Puts a Period by Luke Holmes

This is the good news of the gospel. Words that didn’t make sense together make sense now because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.​

Jan 3

5 Tools Every Rural Church Needs by Luke Holmes

Pastoring is a challenge no matter the size of the community, but having the right set of tools can make the job a little easier.  

Sep 6

Pastor, Rest Even When Your Work’s Not Finished by Luke Holmes

While we might feel like we have more to do, we must rest in knowing that Christ’s work is done. 

Jan 19

Ordinary Things by Luke Holmes

Ordinary things in the hands of an extraordinary God become the miraculous means by which He brings about His kingdom.

Jan 3

Big Data and the Holy Spirit by Luke Holmes

I have a God who cares about me, and who loves me enough to orchestrate everything so that my soul is fed the right thing for the day I need it.

Oct 24

Preach Like Carl Sagan, Not Neil deGrasse Tyson by Luke Holmes

When we hold the good news of Jesus Christ in our hands, we should never bore someone with our words. 

Aug 14

What Church Revitalization Really Means by Luke Holmes

When it comes to revitalization, it's more difficult to help people change than it is to change the curtains. But the hard work is worth it.

Jul 22

The Pulpit and the Cliff by Luke Holmes

If you are privileged enough to proclaim God’s word in front of the church and don’t feel the weight of it, then you don’t understand what God has called you to do. 

Jun 30

The Order Matters by Luke Holmes

Their works cannot take them out of God's favor because their works didn't put them into God's favor.