Matt Perman

Matt Perman is former director of strategy at Desiring God and the author of What's Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done. He has an M.Div. in biblical and theological studies from Southern Seminary and a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute. Matt is a frequent speaker on the topics of leadership and productivity from a God-centered perspective. He also consults with businesses and non-profits, focusing especially on start-ups devoted to solving large global problems, and blogs at Follow him on Twitter at @mattperman.

Apr 26

Busting 12 Myths About Productivity by Matt Perman

Do you understand productivity in the right way? Is your approach to "getting things done" rooted in the gospel and its implications?

Apr 23

God, the Gospel, and Getting Things Done by Charles Smith and Jason K. Allen and Matt Perman

Midwestern Seminary's President Jason K. Allen and Vice President for Institutional Relations Charles Smith discuss the practicalities of gospel-centered productivity with Matt Perman, leadership coach and author of What's Best Next?