Michael Abraham

Michael Abraham is an associate pastor of Covenant Hope Church in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is married to Hanna and they have one daughter. You can follow him on Twitter via @abrahaMichael.

Jan 20

How to Think: A Book Review by Michael Abraham

Thinking is hard work, and Jacobs is a proven guide to help us learn. Give your time, energy, and vulnerability to becoming a better thinker. It will take conscious effort and a settled conviction, but it’s worth it.

Dec 1

What Should I Do Now That I’m a Christian?: A Book Review by Michael Abraham

Series: Book Reviews

After handing a brand new believer a Bible and a membership directory, I might just hand them this book.

Nov 4

The Privilege of Preaching God’s Immutability by Michael Abraham

When Christians are suffering persecution, they need this reminder – God has not changed.

Sep 3

We Need Wisdom, Not Wealth by Michael Abraham

You may think you need wealth, but you don’t need it and God hasn’t promised it.

Aug 27

We Need Wisdom, Not Wealth by Michael Abraham

God does not scold us or criticize us for lacking wisdom; He is glad to give you the wisdom you need.

Aug 6

A Surprising Command for Suffering Saints by Michael Abraham

Many of us, however, find great joy when our trials are over. James reminds us to find joy in our trials.

Feb 24

Leverage Your Life for the Nations by Michael Abraham

We cannot sit idly by in our churches while 6,000 people groups making up over 2.9 billion people have never even heard the gospel.