Nick Jones

Nick Jones, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, and his wife Amanda have four beautiful daughters, Susannah, Ellie, Jane, and Claire. He has been in ministry for fifteen years and is currently the lead pastor at The Church at Alden Bridge in The Woodlands, Texas. Nick has a B.A. from Houston Baptist University and an M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. You can follow him on twitter at @nickpjones.

Jul 6

Rebellion and Worship by Nick Jones

The time had come for God’s justice to be laid out on the Amalekites, and King Saul was to be the mediator. But, as often is the case, a simple command gets transfigured into something more palatable between the hearing and the doing.

Jun 10

I Am Satisfied About You by Nick Jones

In our defense of the doctrine of depravity, which is right and necessary, we must not forget the transformative grace of the gospel.

May 27

Pastor, Don’t Take Chances in Ministry by Nick Jones

Again and again we see Paul saying: don’t wait for things to happen. Go minister. Be active. Don’t neglect your gifts; use them. Don’t wait to see if ministry happens; go make it happen.

May 6

The Ministry of Reminder by Nick Jones

If the gospel is an ocean, then a trip to the beach does not suffice.