Reid Monaghan

Reid S. Monaghan is the founder and president of Power of Change, a non-profit organization which exists to serve the church to impact and influence emerging post-Christian generations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is also active in the assessment, coaching, and training of church planters with the Acts 29 Network. Reid served 8 years with the ministry of Athletes in Action and 12 years in pastoral ministry and church planting. He wrestled in college at the University of North Carolina, where his wife Kasey played soccer. He graduated with a degree in Applied Computer Science and Physics from UNC and is finishing up an MDiv in Applied Apologetics from Southern Seminary. Reid is married to Kasey and they have three children. You can follow him on Twitter via @reidSmonaghan

Sep 25

The Place of Apologetics by Reid Monaghan

Apologetics and thoughtful witness effectively takes place where there is real and loving presence with others.

May 5

Engagement and Mission in the Realm of Sport by Reid Monaghan

The cultural world of sports in which some people live and move and have their being is a place that should be engaged by a robust Christian witness.

Apr 6

The When of Family Worship by Reid Monaghan

When my kids were young we set certain rhythms of life that allowed the gospel to flourish in our home through the practice of family worship. And we knew that if we could not answer the question of when, the how of family worship would become irrelevant.

Jan 8

Your Family is Not Your Qualification by Reid Monaghan

It is true that a man who does not manage his own family well is not fit to manage God's church. Yet I do not wish the brotherhood of ministers to see their family as something either hindering or helping them obtain a certain role or goal.

Sep 28

What The Dark Side Can Teach Us by Reid Monaghan

Though we might rather just have a happy, coffee cup verse of the day, God in his wisdom only gives such hope and encouragement in the context of our fallen reality.

May 14

Gold: A Meditation on Matthew 7:12 by Reid Monaghan

The Word of God shapes both how we wish to be treated and how we would treat others. The Golden Rule both engages the moral imagination in specific circumstances and is grounded firmly in the Word of God.

May 6

Logface by Reid Monaghan

Considering the speck and log illustration, notice that Jesus does not finish his example by telling us that we are just sinners and to not help one another change. The way forward isn't simply picking each other apart, it's by being a brother, a loving member of the family.

Mar 30

X Marks What Spot? by Reid Monaghan

"What X marks the spot for me?"