Seth Troutt

Seth is the Teaching Pastor of Ironwood Church. With a doctorate focused on digitization, the body, and gender identity, he writes often about emotions, parenting, and the intersection of theology and culture. He and his wife Taylor have two young children. Follow him on X at @Seth_Troutt

Apr 29

Three Key Questions to Ask Your Mormon Friends by Seth Troutt

I have a lot of friends who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints (LDS). One I see regularly is the bishop of his ward; he regularly emphasizes, as do my other LDS friends, how we both worship Jesus, how we have a lot in common, and how we’re on the same […]

Jan 18

Digital Detox, Intentional Ignorance, and the Proximity Principle by Seth Troutt

For Christians to thrive in the modern era, there are two spiritual disciplines we must adopt: Digital Detox (fasting from screens) and Intentional Ignorance (fasting from information). The rapid growth of digital technology has implications for our spiritual formation. The form of connectivity that comes with smartphones and watches is fundamentally new in human history; […]