Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller serves as a Worship Pastor at Prestonwood in Dallas, Texas. He is an artist, songwriter, and the author of Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars & Liberating King. You can find him at or on Twitter at @StephenMiller.

Jul 31

In God We Trust by Stephen Miller

Some trust in Presidents, some trust in kings, but we will trust in the name of the Lord, our God.

Jun 22

Expecting God for More Than a Feeling by Stephen Miller

Corporate worship is not about getting some feeling. It’s about getting God.

May 30

Your Church Needs You To Sing by Stephen Miller

Contrary to popular sentimentalism, we are not singing for “an audience of one.” While we do sing to worship our Savior, we also sing to rehearse the truth of the Gospel together and be sanctified by it.

Apr 11

How To Be Yourself in Prayer by Stephen Miller

Prayer is naturally one of the most spiritual things we can do as believers, so we don’t need to add anything extra to over-spiritualize it.

Mar 7

Why Posture Matters in Worship by Stephen Miller

Our body naturally acts the way our hearts feel.

Mar 2

Your Meaningless Ministry by Stephen Miller

We tell ourselves it's all for the glory of God, but our true motivations are revealed by our disappointments.

Feb 29

Worship Leader, Get Over Yourself by Stephen Miller

“I worship God best when I’m singing on the stage.”

Feb 9

Worship in a Selfie World by Stephen Miller

"One of the most intense times of worship I have ever experienced.” This caption came across my Instagram notifications a few weeks back. I never would have expected a picture of a young man standing in front of a mirror in his bathroom with a bewildered smirk on his face.

Nov 30

The Modern Worship Wars by Stephen Miller

At first glance, the worship wars that once plagued the church seem to have died down. So it might be easy to chalk it all up to a problem from a bygone era. Until we walk out of a church service that didn’t meet our own standards. We have become professional critics of corporate worship.

Nov 12

You Don’t Need Your Perfect Church Now by Stephen Miller

Your imperfect church is God’s way of loving your idolatry out of you.