Tom Johnston

Dr. Thomas P. Johnston serves as professor of evangelism at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and as the director of the Midwestern Evangelistic Teams. He received the Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and the Bachelor of Science from Wheaton College. His published works include Charts for a Theology of Evangelism (Broadman), Evangelism in the Western Church (Evangelism Unlimited), Evangelizology (Evangelism Unlimited), Examining Billy Graham’s Theology of Evangelism (Wipf and Stock), and most recently The Worth and Work of the Evangelist (Evangelism Unlimited). Dr. Johnston is married to Raschelle, and they have three children and one grandchild.  

Apr 6

Six “Do Nots” for Evangelism from the Old Testament by Tom Johnston

The Old Testament encourages an unusually bold witness in evangelism in many ways.

Jun 30

3 Types of Evangelism to Avoid by Tom Johnston

Christ calls us to share His death and resurrection with love and humility, as well as power and boldness.

Apr 15

Making Evangelism a Habit by Tom Johnston

Developing godly habits is extremely important. And one of these healthy habits is to share the gospel with those we encounter.

Oct 18

10 Strategies to Safeguard Regenerate Membership by Tom Johnston

In a perfect world all members of a church would be regenerate and would remain so throughout their lives. But we do not live in a perfect world. So it is beneficial that we have strategies in mind to safeguard regenerate church membership.

Jul 1

6 Cries for Saving Mercy from Psalm 119 by Tom Johnston

From death to life, from lost to saved, from bondage to deliverance, from captivity to redemption, from guilty to acquitted. All these requested for mercy granted through the death of Jesus on the cross.