W. Tyler Sykora

W. Tyler Sykora serves as the Chief of Staff in the Office of the President at Midwestern Seminary. He is also a lay pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Liberty, MO. He has an MDiv in Biblical Languages and a PhD in Biblical Studies from Midwestern Seminary. He and his wife Samantha have four children, Adeline, Jaxson, Lynlee, and one on the way.

Jul 20

8 Reasons We Should Evangelize by W. Tyler Sykora

For most of us, if we are honest, evangelism is intimidating. It can be incredibly hard to work up the courage to talk to others about Jesus. In some moments when we have opportunities to share the Gospel, that little voice in your head rattles off about 10 reasons why you shouldn’t. “What if you […]

Dec 16

Deacons’ Wives or Deaconesses? 1 Timothy 3:11 Reconsidered by W. Tyler Sykora

My hope is that this article will be a helpful starting place for those who are new to the topic or additional exegetical fodder for those who are trying to work out what they believe.

Nov 9

FTC Preaching Guide: 1 Corinthians by W. Tyler Sykora

You should preach 1 Corinthians because of its clear and humbling teaching on how to lead and build the body of Christ well.