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Nov 8

Dont Speak Up: On the Spiritual Discipline of Silence by

We should pray that God will lead us by his Spirit to know when it’s best to be quiet, to pray, and to live a life that commends the gospel, and when it’s best to add more of our own words.

Mar 30

The Three Generosities of a Local Church by Jared C. Wilson

A gospel-centered church will grow into a kingdom-mindedness that is a constant reminder that no local church owns anybody and that what is best for every local church is whatever is best for the expansion of the gospel and worship of Christ.

Mar 30

Hijacked by the Gospel by Jared C. Wilson

I have been laid hold of. I've been apprehended. I was writing my own life story, and it was a tragedy despite my own best efforts. But my life story got hijacked by the good news.

Jan 6

A Call for Content Creators to Cultivate Discernment by Benjamin Vrbicek

A relationship with the local church and submission to her leaders will help set a Christian blogger’s sights on building up God’s people.

Aug 4

The Church, Politics, and Bonhoeffer’s Way Forward – Part 3 by Steve Bezner

We prefer power. But oh, to find the beauty of service good again!

Mar 7

Abiding Beats Busywork by Eric Turner

Is it possible for you, pastor, to be pulled farther away from Jesus even in the midst of great service for him?

Jun 14

More than a Messenger by Todd Chipman

For a pastor, the stewardship of the gospel message is best understood in light of the broader stewardship of the household of God.

Sep 20

What To Know While You’re In KC for FTC by Staff

Our best suggestions for barbeque, food, coffee, and things to do while you're in our wonderful city. 

Sep 10

Experience KC at FTC by Staff

A guide to the best barbeque, food, coffee, and things to do in Kansas City while you're here for FTC.

May 17

Why is the Bible So Repetitive? by Chad Ashby

Praise the Lord that he is willing to repeat himself, because the best truths deserve repeating.