Assurance and God's Un-Crossed Fingers

by Ronni Kurtz July 31, 2017

I do not write this piece out of a place of theological or spiritual superiority. Rather, I write out of a place where I need to convince myself and in hope that as I write, I’ll believe the things I say.

Here it is: Doubting and insecure Christian, one day you’ll believe God.

This might sound strange to you, and if it does, there’s a real chance this piece will mean very little in the way you have affection for and walk with Jesus. Yet there are others who, like me, have serious inability to believe God. Of course, this disbelief isn’t in regard to everything He has said. I have no trouble believing that God is all-holy, all-loving, all-good, and whatnot. However, it is hard for me to believe Him when He dares to mutter to me that I’m holy, I’m loved, and I’ve been made whole.

The good news that I blindly grasp for on days like today is that my disbelief is not forever.

God is making all things new. One day tornadoes, death, your tears, and disbelief will be no more. It is hard, and in fact impossible, to fully plumb the depths of the act of God to “make all things new.” There are days where particular aspects of this truth pierce my soul like a grace laced dagger. Today, it is the reality that one day I’ll rest fully assured in the fact that God wasn’t crossing His fingers when he declared my righteousness that was based on the person and work of Jesus Christ. One day, my belief in that reality won’t be as fickle as it is today. While I sit in a dimly-lit, overly crowded coffee shop doubting that everything is going to be okay, one day I’ll sit at his feet and never doubt again.

God is making all things new, Christian; even your ability to believe in His work of making all things new. The grace of God will transform the way you ask for assurance, your inability to remain awe-struck, and your cynicism toward captivated worship of God for all eternity.

“If we are faithless, he remains faithful – for he cannot deny himself.” – 2 Timothy 2:13.