Links For The Church

by Staff September 24, 2018

The Long Road Home

Heidi Johnston shares about her struggle with long-term community. When things get hard, it's easy to run away, but great community comes from longevity.

How Can I Live A Diverse Life?

In this helpful article, Cameron Triggs provides seven different suggestions for how to create opportunities for diversity in your life. He shares that diversity begins at the dinner table, and weaves this pursuit with the gospel story.

6 Milestones For Stronger Small Groups

Ryan Sanders gives practical wisdom on how to grow small groups. These processes include commitment to one another, telling your story, and making sure your group is strong. 

How To Model Forgiveness With Your Own Children - Thoughts From A Mom In The Trenches

In this interview, Alison Mitchell shares how she seeks forgiveness from her kids and models the great and endless forgiveness of Jesus.