How Can I Explain the Gospel?

Vaneetha Rendall Risner gives a simple example of a way to share the gospel that doesn't require a ton of memorization or mapping. She tells a story that makes the gospel accessible to anyone. 

4 Reasons Why Your Generosity Matters to Your Kids

Art Rainer explains that a parent's generosity teaches their kids about God and about the church. Kids are always watching, so these encouragements from Art can help parents feel motivated to give generously. 

Is God Kind? 

Sometimes, it doesn't feel like God is being kind to us. Chelsea Patterson Sobolik writes why we have no reason to doubt the kindness of God, and gives reminders about the truthfulness of God's kindness towards His children. 

Three Reasons the Deaf Need Scripture in Sign Language

This author shines light on an often misunderstood or ignored language that the Bible could be translated into. She writes that people who are deaf could greatly benefit from a Biblical translation into sign language and provides practical ways that this endeavor could be supported. 

Can We Believe God’s Word is True Because our Parents Told Us?

Michael Kruger demonstrates why children can trust the Bible based on the testimony of their parents. This may seem dangerous to us, but Kruger gives a helpful defense of parental testimony. 

How To Encourage That Preacher

Church members don't always know how to encourage their pastors or preachers after a Sunday morning service. These helpful words from Tim Challies provide some helpful language for us to use to encourage pastors.