Links For The Church (1/15)

by Staff January 15, 2018

Should I Leave My Church? 8 Critical Questions

If you're a pastor facing a potential departure from your church, these questions put forth by Jeff Robinson may help you make the decision.

United by Love: How Diversity Reflects the Kingdom of God

Trillia Newbell walks through four theologies and shows how each of them reflects God's plan for a diverse kingdom. 

Why Repentant Pastors Should Be Forgiven But Not Restored To The Pulpit

In light of the multiple confessions of sin from pastors, Jonathan Leeman explains why these men ought not continue their position in pastoral ministry.

Word Before World With Little Ones

Kara Holmes writes about how she disciples her children, what resources she uses, and why training children through the Bible is important. 

On Waiting and Blessing

"Waiting doesn’t always mean stopping. Sometimes waiting takes a “meanwhile…” stance as we multitask through life. And sometimes, wait really just means wait." - Bekah Mason