Links For The Church (1/28)

by Staff January 28, 2019

Self-Control, the Leader’s Make-or-Break Virtue

"I’m convinced that the vast majority of leaders whose ministries implode because of a moral failing started on their path by neglecting their relationship with God." - Drew Dyck

Why American Churches Are at a Tipping Point

Thom Rainer writes that the churches in America must choose to either pursue faithfulness and the basic tenets of Scripture or give in to the temptation to be complacent with our theology.

My Pain Prepared Me to Plant a Church

Church planting is making war against the plans of the devil. C.J. Quartlbaum shares how the hard parts of his story prepared him for the difficulties of church planting. 

At Home In the Margins

Lucy Crabtree shares about her struggle to be faithful where she is, especially when she finds herself marginalized. She writes that trusting God's sovereignty is a comforting truth for those in the margins.