Links For The Church (1/7)

by Staff January 7, 2019

How Protected Is Your Teen From Finding Pornography Online?

Julie Masson provides an incredibly practical quiz for how to ensure your teen does not gain access to pornography. She explains the statistics and then encourages parents to be involved with smartphone usage. 

Living To Die

"Just as Jesus became the overcomer worthy of executing God’s will through his sacrificial death, so too do God’s people become overcomers by embracing their deaths." - Jed Ostoich

In Humility, Count Other Ministries More Important Than Your Own

Stacy Reaoch encourages us to remember that God designed each of us with different gifts. We should not expect others to be passionate about the same things we are, nor should we sulk in our disappointments. 

Kingdom Advancement Because Of Our King's Advent

The joy of the Kingdom of God is not limited to the holiday season. D.A. Horton writes that believers can seek the advancement of the Kingdom of God throughout the year as we remember that the King has already come.