Links For The Church (10/30)

by Staff October 30, 2017

Burying the Calculator: God's Gift of the Big, Fat Zero

Chad Bird writes on the beauty of God's gift of "the holy zero." It is in the state where we have nothing else to count that God does his most miraculous work. 

Rebuke For the Strong, Rejoicing For the Weak

In this story about evangelism in India, Marty Beamer shares how God casts down the prideful but lifts up the weak and weary. 

Why Should I Go to Church?

"There are a million good things you and I could do that would hinder us from locking arms with God’s people," writes Tiffany Johnson. 

The Will of God Never Misfires

How do we handle life that makes no sense? What is God doing in the midst of hard things? Cody Barnhart writes that the resurrection points us to God's sovereign control of our lives. 

The 5 Biggest Influencers on Your Child's Spiritual Health

Eric Geiger shares from a research study about the things that influence a child's spiritual health. He encourages parents to point their children to Jesus.