Links For The Church (11/27)

by Staff November 27, 2017

Single Is Never Second Best

Marriage is good, but it is not inherently better than singleness. In this article, Lydia Brownback writes about her experience as a 40-something single woman, and how God has taught her about her unique privilege. 

It's Time To Emancipate Our Theology from Western Culture 

Carl Ellis writes, "If we make theology serve our categories, we produce an enslaved theology—one that will incapacitate us from proclaiming and practicing the 'whole counsel of God.'”

Stranger Longings: Belonging and Adoption in Stranger Things 2

The second season of Stranger Things has many beautiful themes. Matthew Civico writes about one of those in this post. He describes the longing in our hearts and the beauty of adoption as seen in this TV series. 

When Your Partner is Down and Can't Get Up 

Glen Scrivener shares 10 ways to love your partner and hold fast to truth when things are not ideal. He describes how couples can care for one another when it comes to mental health.