Links For The Church (11/6)

by Staff November 6, 2017

Why Are You Friends With Your Friends?

Tim Challies questions the motive for friendships and points to Jesus as the truest Friend of all who risks his reputation every day for us. 

10 Things to Pray Before Church

Going to church should not just be a Christian task, but an opportunity for worship. Kevin Halloran shares ten prayers that prepare your heart for church.

Are Women Really Welcome in the World?

"The longings to see women depicted well on screen, and represented in the workplace, and valued in the church, are interwoven," writes Abby Perry. 

6 Reasons Men Should Read More Stories Than Men's Books

Barnabas Piper writes that though men's books are helpful, men should read books with good stories to shape their character as well. 

What If My Worst Fears Come True? 

"Trusting God’s promises does not mean that what we fear won’t happen. It means that what we should fear most won’t happen. It means God will deliver us from our greatest real danger." - Jon Bloom