Links For The Church (12/17)

by Staff December 17, 2018

Love [Your Neighbor As] Yourself

Lore Wilbert offers some more insight on the conversation about loving church members who are overweight. Her perspective is nuanced and helpful for those who may share in her struggles.

3 Reasons To Consider Hiring Older Church Leaders

"The context of every local congregation should determine the parameters the congregation puts on the type of pastor it needs," writes Joel Rainey. In this article, he shares reasons why older church leaders should be considered.

Far As The Curse Is Found

Nancy Guthrie writes about the reality of how the curse affects every inch of our world. In the longing for the new earth, we hope for the blessings promised by God.

3 People Who Are Harmed By “Misplaced Compassion”

"What is not compassionate is letting people stay in roles where they are not making the biggest impact they can make with the one life they have been given." - Eric Geiger