Links For The Church (12/18)

by Staff December 18, 2017

Behind the Happiness of Down Syndrome

Alicia Joy writes that Christians could learn to care for those with disabilities and shares how we can do so. 

People Are Going to Hell. Do I Really Need Seminary Training?

In this article, M. David Sills explains that missionaries need training, and makes the case for the benefits of seminary training.

Dear Predators Who Don't Know That They are Predators: 

"The people of God’s hunger for power may make them more tolerant of immoral behaviour, but the God of the people, He’s hungry for holiness and proves that real power makes people behave more like Christ. And Christ didn’t denigrate women, but venerated women." - Ann Voskamp

We Three Kings of Orient Aren't 

Greg Lanier provides insight into who the "wise men" were and what they can teach us about Jesus.