Links For The Church (12/9)

by Staff December 9, 2019

At Peace And In Place

The holiday season can be a time where we are insecure and searching for meaning. God is our stability and our refuge, and in this reflective post, Lore Wilbert helps us see Him as He is.

4 Traits Of An Emotionally Unhealthy Leader

"Leaders are emotionally unhealthy when we’re giving out more than we have inside of us. And bad emotional health can’t support our most earnest kingdom-building efforts." - Pete Scazzero

Why Did God Give My Kids A Sick Mom?

As a mother, how do you press on when you feel you can't give your kids what they need? How does one reconcile this with the truth of the gospel? Charlene Nelson provides a helpful answer.

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Many sweet things happen during Christmas time, but there is only one lasting reason for celebration and joy. Stephen Nichols reflects on the manger to provide this reason.

Five Reasons We Should Still Be Singing Christmas Carols

"When the carols are sung, those around us are informed or reminded of God’s faithfulness in the past, and yet they are also hopefully pointed to the present grace that is now available to each of us in Christ." - Keith Getty