Links For The Church (3/30)

by Staff March 30, 2020

How to Help the Homeless in a Quarantine

The homeless can be a forgotten population in this time of quarantine. Arianne Benedetto writes about those who don't have a home to stay in, and how Christians can serve them.

Dare to Feel Forgiven: Four Ways into the Heart of God

"Many of us, if we are honest, do have trouble feeling forgiven. We are sincere-hearted Christians. We want to follow Christ. We have enjoyed profound experiences of God." - Dane Ortlund

Even Ifs of April

Abigail Rehmert writes about the difference between thinking in terms of "what ifs" and instead focusing on the "even ifs" found in Scripture.

Three Crosses: Lessons from a Dying Brigand

"Why would God do this—predestine that Jesus, in His finest hour, be flanked by unworthies, rather than have a special set-apart day in Jerusalem when the Romans would execute Him alone?" -Andrée Seu Peterson

Encouragement From Church History For The Chronically Ill

In this helpful post, Jenny-Lyn de Klerk shares excerpts from three sources of church history that can uplift the heart of those who struggle with chronic illness. 

Locked Down Alone

Tim Challies provides both practical and spiritual encouragement to those who live alone in the time of coronavirus.