Links For The Church (4/20)

by Staff April 20, 2020

The Beauty and Abuse of Empathy: How Virtue Becomes A Tyrant 

Abigail Dodds writes about the gift of empathy, but how we can distort it for our own gain. Instead, we can pursue empathy as God intended. 

I Didn't Know I Loved You Like This

In this reflection on her love for the church, Glenna Marshall writes a letter describing all the things she misses about the church.

Context Matters: Apart From Me You Can Do Nothing

"When we read this verse in context we see that Jesus is not primarily warning against self-reliance nor dismissing the contributions of non-Christians." - Ryan Higginbottom

COVID-19: A Prolonged Sabbath In A Culture Of Productivity

Laura Cerbus writes about the urging of the world to be productive during quarantine and what Sabbath rest may teach us about this.  

The Proverbial Pandemic

Jim Shaddix writes his reflections on life during the time of this pandemic in relation to the Proverbs.