Links For The Church (4/6)

by Staff April 6, 2020

College Student, Fight Spiritual Stagnation at Home

Many college students have left their dorm rooms to return home for this season of life. Shelby Abbot provides four ways that college students can remain faithful and pursue personal growth while at home. 

3 Things To Teach Your Child When Talking About Death

Cassie Pattillo provides helpful language and Bible passages for parents who want to learn more about how to talk about death with their children. This can be a difficult task, and Pattillo notes that children's questions can be intimidating, but "sugarcoating" it won't do.

‘His Desire Is for Me’- The Personal, Pursuing Love of Christ

"The gospel may still be true to you, but is it beautiful and real? Does it both take your breath away, and give you breath to worship and serve such a wonderful, merciful Savior as Jesus?" - Scotty Smith

Practice Hospitality, Especially during COVID-19

How can we be hospitable when we can't be in each others' homes? Rosaria Butterfield provides encouragement to us to still pursue hospitality even when we have limits.