Links For The Church (5/13)

by Staff May 13, 2019

Why Do Dying Men Call for “Mama?”

In this beautiful reflection by Russell Moore, he describes what gospel truths are revealed in the fact that the dying often call for their mothers. 

Family Matters: Sharing Christ With Your Flesh And Blood

"Nearly every one of us has a family member that we can’t imagine will ever believe the gospel. We can feel so weak." - David McLemore

5 Reasons to Keep Going to Church with Baby Brain

For moms with young babies, Susan Rockwell provides encouragement and exhortation for these mothers to still pursue attending church even in the difficult season. 

The Everyday Relevance of Eternal Life 

Matt McCullough writes that the good things in this life serve to point us to the greater day of eternity. We ought to allow pain in this life to cause us to look toward the glory of heaven. 

Must We Pay Poor Pastors Poorly?

Pastors who work in poor places should be provided wages that do not cause them to also live in poverty. Gustav Pritchard shares why in this helpful post.