Links For The Church (5/21)

by Staff May 21, 2018

Walking In The Faith We Have, Not The Control We Don't 

Instead of living life under a cloud of "shoulds," Lore Wilbert encourages us to look to Jesus and ask him to give us our daily bread.

The Pastor's Schedule: 7 Priorities

Nathan Rose shares what would be beneficial for a pastor to have in his weekly schedule. He provides 7 points of practical advice. 

The Importance of Confession of Sin in Corporate Worship

"Corporate confession of sin helped shape us into a people marked by regularly acknowledging our sins and seeking forgiveness." - Ray Van Neste

The Foolishness of Creativity 

Tresta Payne shares how creating feels foolish often, especially when you receive criticism. She writes that pressing forward in creativity is a God-honoring task.

Confessions of a Selfie Saturated Culture

Our culture is self-obsessed. This manifests itself in the raging "selfie" culture. Josh Buice analyzes our culture through a biblical lens and provides helpful guard rails for selfies. 

4 Ways Brothers Can Encourage Their Sisters in Ministry

Melissa Kruger shares how men in the church can not just acknowledge, but promote and sustain the ministry of women in the church.