Links For The Church (6/18)

by Staff June 18, 2018

Prayer: The Key to Long-Distance Friendships

When someone leaves for the mission field, or even just to a different location, we resort to social media as our means for keeping up. Jaclyn Parrish shares that this may not be enough, and we have a greater means of connection in prayer.

5 Warning Signs of Moral Failure

Eric Geiger shares five things that should give rise for concern. He explains why these things may be markers of deeper heart-issues.

Finding Beauty During Hard Times

"if we could only get round in front of our trials to see the face of Jesus. He is our gift and blessing in the dungeon of suffering. If we focus on the trial, we will plunge either into despair or denial." - Katherine Elizabeth Clark.

8 Habits of the Excellent Bible Teacher

Andrew Hess writes what habits pastors and Bible-teachers can practice teaching with excellence. He shares on learning, gratitude, and prayer, to name a few.

How Do I Live An Intentional Life?

Lore Wilbert writes about what an intentional life actually means, which is one of faithfulness to God.