Oct 28

Matt Smethurst on Having a Healthy Relationship with Social Media by Matt Smethurst asks Matt Smethurst, managing editor at The Gospel Coalition, “What are helpful diagnostic questions someone can ask to evaluate if they have a healthy relationship with social media?”  

Oct 26

Dhati Lewis on Exhaustion and Today’s Evangelical Discourse by Dhati Lewis asks Dhati Lewis, lead pastor at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, Georgia, “What advice would you give to Christians who feel exhausted by today’s discourse in evangelicalism?”

Oct 21

Ben Mandrell on Advice for Pastors on the Verge of Burnout by Ben Mandrell asks Ben Mandrell, president of Lifeway Christian Resources, “What advice would you give to a pastor who is on the verge of burnout?”

Oct 19

Patrick Schreiner on Why Christians Should Regularly Intake the Gospels by Patrick Schreiner asks Patrick Schreiner, associate professor of New Testament and biblical studies at Midwestern Seminary, “Why should Christians regularly intake the Gospels?”

Oct 8

Dean Inserra On Churches Being On The Right Track by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

How can a church know it’s on the right track? What are some signs of faithfulness?

Sep 10

Steve Bezner on Maintaining Community in a Growing Church by Steve Bezner

Series: Conversations

How do you maintain a culture of community in a growing church?

Sep 7

Jason Duesing on the Role of General Revelation in the Christian Life by asks Jason Duesing, provost and professor of church history at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, “What is the role of general revelation in the Christian life?”

Sep 3

Mark Dever On What The Church Needs To Get Right in the 21st Century by Mark Dever

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing the local church needs to get right in the 21st century?

Aug 27

Dan Darling on Parachurch Ministries by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

How should a church decide which, if any, parachurch ministries to support?