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Dec 7

The 2020 FTC Book Awards by Ronni Kurtz

The famed E.B. White once opined that “books are good company, in sad times and happy times.” It is no secret that 2020 has brought an array of these “sad times.” From global pandemics, cultural unrest, political plight, and more, hard days are no stranger to many of us this calendar year. Yet, in the […]

Dec 6

2021 For the Church Book Awards by Staff

Announcing the 5th annual FTC Book Award Winners

Jul 25

Illustrating the Truth by Adam McClendon

illustrations are often a critical part of preaching and can help crystalize truth. However, illustrations that are not developed or used well can actually distract or mislead from the truth and, in some cases, call your credibility into question.

Dec 1

What’s The Big Deal With Plagiarizing Pastors? by Jonathan Leeman

A reader writes to say, "I recently found out that my senior pastor’s sermons are mostly plagiarized. And he doesn’t cite anything or anyone, but acts as if it is all his own. What should I do?"

Aug 11

Do You Love the People of God? by Jason K. Allen

Ministry service is glorious, but it can also be uniquely taxing, and only those propelled by a love for Christ and His church survive the long haul.

May 19

Covid-19 Vaccines and Abortion-Derived Human Cell Lines by J. Alan Branch

How do I respond when a profoundly effective method of preventing disease – vaccination – intersects with my moral opposition to abortion?

Aug 26

How Hamilton Can Help Us Preach Better Sermons by Caleb Brasher

Preacher, take some extra time and work to compress your sermons.

Dec 5

Reflections on the Death of John Allen Chau by Scott Dunford

Christ’s mandate to go does not give license to recklessness any more than our culture’s disapproval gives permission to disobedience.

Sep 21

“Love Me Anyway” Available Today by Staff

The latest book from Midwestern Seminary author in residence Jared C. Wilson officially releases today!

Jan 6

A Call for Content Creators to Cultivate Discernment by Benjamin Vrbicek

A relationship with the local church and submission to her leaders will help set a Christian blogger’s sights on building up God’s people.