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Dec 23

3 Warning Signs You’re Drifting from Faith Into Superstition by Michael Kelley

We are more superstitious than we’d like to admit if we find that God just can’t seem to live up to our expectations.

Dec 23

Is Your Mind Battle Ready? by Darrin Patrick

Here is a simple, but powerful way to prepare the mind for action.

Dec 23

Exultational Theology by Staff

Some examples of writing that worships.

Dec 23

His Name is Faithfulness by Charles Spurgeon

When God sets us on high, Satan himself cannot pull us down.

Dec 23

Ministry and Marriage in An Ashley Madison World by Staff

A panel discussion on “Ministry and Marriage in an Ashley Madison World: Standing Faithfully in a Hyper-sexualized World."

Dec 23

Eat the Word for Breakfast by Casey Lewis

While I have always known God's Word changes lives, experiencing it in my life and that of others has given me the confidence to stand with the Reformers of years past in calling for the primacy of God's Word in our lives and churches.

Dec 23

The Problem With Our Complementarianism by Lore Ferguson Wilbert

Value all of the workers, not just the ones who put on a suit and tie, or plaid and cords, at 8am and come home for dinner at five.

Dec 23

One Thing: Noah Oldham by Noah Oldham

Series: One Thing

What is the one thing you would tell church planters about faithful ministry?

Dec 23

Do You Trust Yourself Too Much? by Erik Raymond

No matter how well we do in the day to day tasks, if our minds are our ultimate governors then we are nothing more than fools.