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Dec 26

Links For The Church (12/26) by Staff

This week's links provide resources on apologetics, Aleppo, the Word of the Year, and ministry kids. 

Dec 19

Links For The Church (12/19) by Staff

This week's links include resources on Christmas giving, student missionaries, racial reconciliation, and hiring women. 

Dec 15

Earn Seminary Credit at The Gospel Coalition Conference with ‘The Pastor and The Gospel’ by Staff

Enroll in Midwestern Seminary's TGC Conference course "The Pastor and The Gospel" today.

Dec 12

Links For The Church (12/12) by Staff

This week's links include resources on in-person relationships, advent, one-sided friendship, and Linus' blanket.

Dec 6

If You Love Waiting, Raise Your Hand by Joel Littlefield

You may not love waiting. But if you love Jesus, you can learn to see that waiting, though in many ways part of the curse, can be redeemed for Him.

Dec 6

Ministry Isn’t an Individual Sport by Jared Bumpers

Is your ministry an individual sport or a team sport?

Dec 6

Spiritual Depression is Coming for You by Jared Musgrove

This is an important and vital issue most Christians face but never really understand or defeat because they are blinded to it.

Dec 6

Do You Make Life Decisions with Your Church in Mind? by Joshua Hedger

Do you ask yourself how your job change could affect your church? Do you consider how your moving would impact the work of God through your church in your community? Do you seek insight into how your decision to leave or stay at your local church would affect the advancement of the gospel?

Dec 6

Single Women, Marriage is Not the Goal by Kristina Shiddell

To set the goal of marriage, to see it as the ultimate prize and pinnacle of life, is destructive to a woman’s heart.