Links For The Church (12/26)

by Staff December 26, 2016

Am I a Christian?

Nicholas Kristof interviews Timothy Keller about the demands of Christianity. Pastor Keller's answers to Kristof's theological questions provide the church with a concise, grace-filled apologetic they can use in their own conversations with those who doubt. 


Anyone following the news or social media has at least heard something about the horrors in Aleppo. The IMB provides answers to how this all began, and how the church can help. 

Why Oxford Dictionary's 2016 Word of the Year Matters

"True freedom is not the liberty to do as we please; rather, to do as we ought. For that we need the truth. The grace of God is our only hope to enable us to live by the truth. No culture can survive without this. 'Thy word is truth and abides forever.'"

Growing Up in Ministry

This story from Kristin Duran describes her life as a child of parents in ministry. Through her story, she pleads with the church to "provide grace for ministry kids." This simple task can help ministry kids fall more in love with Jesus.