Links For The Church (12/12)

by Staff December 12, 2016

Leaving the Screen: Restoring In-Person Relationships

It's easy to engage in a social media debate, but it requires hard work and commitment to discuss hard things with people face-to-face. Sean Martin calls for more conversations in person so that grace and love may abound.


Ron Downing describes the nature of advent and how to prepare your heart for a service with your church during this season. "We await the arrival of our Lord leaned forward, preparing, and full of excited longing."

How to Handle a One-Sided Friendship

"It can be difficult to know with confidence that I am accepted and valued apart from my responsible role, my performance and how I make others feel."

Just Drop the Blanket

The classic "Charlie Brown Christmas" has a much deeper story than some might realized. Have you ever noticed when Linus drops his beloved blanket? Jason Soroski explains when and why it happens. It may impact you more than you expect.