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Apr 11

Episode 9: Not Greedy by Jared C. Wilson and Ronnie Martin

Does anyone go into ministry for the money? Maybe. Jared and Ronnie didn’t think they’d have a lot to say about the pursuit of money — and what the apostle Peter calls “shameful gain” — but they did. And it turns out ministerial greed and shameful gain isn’t just about money. There are other things pastors often succumb to becoming greedy about. In this conversation, our hosts explore the variety of ways pastors pursue discontentment, gluttony for things and experiences, and even how congregations can help pastors avoid financial (and other kinds of) anxiety and unrest.

Apr 10

Episode 258: When a Church Changes by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ross Ferguson discuss how mature Christians might learn to consider, process, and adjust when their churches change in a variety of ways, as well as how leaders might initiate change in a way that best positions a church for health and stability.

Apr 4

Episode 8: Not a Bully but Gentle by Jared C. Wilson and Ronnie Martin

Is gentleness the lost art of pastoring? The apostle Paul forbids pastors from being bullies and from being quarrelsome, but many pastors (and churchgoers) today seem to think these qualifications are optional and even valorize ministerial violence, manipulation, and conflict. In this honest conversation, Jared and Ronnie share some of their own experiences serving under bully pastors, what sows the seeds of abuse in ministers, and how to pursue not an image of peace but a heart and reality of peace.

Apr 3

Episode 257: Grab Bag! by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

The latest installment in our new Grab Bag! feature comes with a twist. This grab bag is a movie swap! Jared and Ross assigned movies to one another. Jared has to watch Ross’s “Christian movie” recommendation. Ross has to watch Jared’s “is it a Christian movie?” recommendation. Then they discuss. Will they like their assignments? Will they hate them? Listen in and find out.

Mar 29

Gospel-Centered Preaching by Ross Ferguson

While attending Heriot Watt University I took a public speaking class. The course led students to produce and effectively deliver a public speech on any given subject. A well-crafted and excellently delivered speech can certainly produce results; at the very least an applause would be warranted. Although a response is given it is usually short […]

Mar 28

Episode 7: Able to Teach by Jared C. Wilson and Ronnie Martin

Does every pastor need to be gifted in the pulpit? Does every pastor need to be an academic or a scholar? What does the biblical qualification of pastors that they be “able to teach” actually mean? Jared and Ronnie, two long-time preachers and teachers, have a straightforward conversation in this episode about the place of creativity and eloquence in preaching and teaching, the non-negotiable basics of the teaching qualification, pursuing clarity in our communication, and what it takes to “find your voice” as a teacher.

Mar 27

A Sacred Silence: How Witholding Words Helped Me Heal by Grace Pike

In the past, God used trials to refine both my soul and my art. Regardless of the darkness faced, processing with the Lord birthed poems and words. I often turned to the Psalms, with their patterns of lament, repentance, and praise. So, it shocked me when the pattern shattered, and Psalm 88:18’s final words permeated […]

Mar 27

Episode 256: What’s the Big Deal About the Resurrection? by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ross Ferguson talk about the ways some churches celebrate Easter that seem to have little to do with the resurrection of Jesus, how to re-embrace the power of the full message of the gospel, and why we sometimes drift into resurrection amnesia.

Mar 25

The End of Religious Liberty by Jason G. Duesing

Are we seeing the end of religious liberty? For Christians in America, we see the complexities of cultural engagement. Articulating the truths of biblical Christianity regarding sexuality and gender alone, brings conflict or worse. So, it is good and right to be concerned and wonder if the end of religious liberty is near. We also […]

Mar 21

Introducing the Heart of Pastoring Podcast by Jared C. Wilson

Now available on the Midwestern Seminary podcast platform: The Heart of Pastoring, featuring hosts Jared Wilson and Ronnie Martin. Listen in week by week as Jared and Ronnie reflect on the biblical qualifications for ministry with spiritual insights, pastoral reflections, and personal stories. Season 1 is is releasing now wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.