Jun 19

The Green Glass Door and The Gospel by Jordan Hill

When I played college baseball, we used to play games on the road to make the time go by faster. My games of choice were either Spades or riddle word games. My favorite riddle was “The Green Glass Door.” If you haven’t heard, it goes like this: There is a Green Glass Door. A goose […]

Aug 25

Spontaneous Regeneration by Jeff Dodge

When we come to Christ we are instantaneously swept into a spiritual, life-giving current – even before our conscience minds are aware of it.

May 14

Epaphras’ Example for Pastors Like You and Me by Steve Rahn

If I want Colossians 1:3-6 to be happening in our church, what kind of pastor do I have to be? What kind of pastor does God use to accomplish this kind of work?

Apr 7

A Colossians 3:16 Kind of Singing by Dustin Rouse

When we dwell on the gospel, it should stir within the depths of our soul an uncontainable joy.