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Dec 6

2023 For the Church Book Awards by Staff

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Like year’s past, we are excited to present our readers with a few books that stood out as exceptional from this past year. For our seventh annual For the Church book awards, members of our FTC council, editorial staff, and seminary community chose two books—a winner and a runner-up—to honor and to recommend to you […]

Jul 7

Deacons: A Book Review by Marc Sims

Series: Book Reviews

Deacons, like elders, are to be living-breathing examples of godliness for the church to model themselves after.

May 3

Labor With Hope: A Book Review by Laura Campbell

Series: Book Reviews

There are ways to write a book like this that circumvent the hard and complicated truths of Scripture, but Furman will have none of that.

Apr 15

Deep Discipleship: A Book Review by Joseph Lanier

Series: Book Reviews

The book is asking completely different questions: Where does discipleship happen in the church? What do they need? How do disciples grow? Where do disciples go?

Mar 3

Creative God, Colorful Us: A Book Review by Julie Masson

Series: Book Reviews

As God’s image bearers, we can ask God to help us be more like him in how we treat other image bearers.

Feb 25

Spirits in Bondage: A Book Review by Samuel G. Parkison

Series: Book Reviews

In this little collection of poems, we have the privilege of getting to know Lewis better. It is, in its way, a magnificent display of God’s saving grace.

Jan 26

Family Discipleship: A Book Review by Collin Campbell

Series: Book Reviews

You don’t have to add thirty different events to your calendar to disciple your children, you just need to take advantage of time, moments, and milestones that you already have.

Dec 29

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: A Book Review by Samuel G. Parkison

Series: Book Reviews

This is not an apologetic work, nor is it a polemic, nor is it even a strategy for Christians in this age. It is rather an explanation.

Dec 1

What Should I Do Now That I’m a Christian?: A Book Review by Michael Abraham

Series: Book Reviews

After handing a brand new believer a Bible and a membership directory, I might just hand them this book.

Nov 9

Reading While Black: A Book Review by John Mark Yeats

Series: Book Reviews

The value for all readers despite their tradition are clearly articulated arguments in each chapter that enables everyone to see the valuable and Biblical contributions of the Black church to our current moment.