Christian Life

Apr 14

God Doesn’t Need You by Jim Elliff

It is a privilege to serve him. But he still does not need you.

Apr 12

Finding Home, Finding Rest by Anne Kerhoulas

We are travelers, daily walking by faith toward a home promised to us.

Apr 9

Dan Darling On False Jesuses by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

What are some of America’s favorite false Jesuses?

Mar 31

A Life Poured Out by Grace Pike

We can rest assured that our obedience does not go unseen by God.

Mar 31

Hope for the Faltering Christ-Follower by Katie McCoy

When we are most aware of our need for His mercy, He invites us to draw near through faith.

Mar 25

Adam McClendon on Why Contentment is Radical by Adam McClendon

Series: Conversations asks Adam McClendon, Director of the D.Min. Program at Liberty University, "Why is contentment radical?"

Mar 23

In Ministry, Joy and Sorrow Don’t Cancel Each Other Out by Winston Smith

While we’re always experiencing death to some extent in the present age, we’re also at the very same time experiencing resurrected life. 

Mar 19

Out of Death, Into Life by David McLemore

As we see God in light of the law, we perceive more of our sin. But we also see more grace covering our sin.

Mar 17

Humility and Greatness are the Same Thing by Scott Sauls

Whether we are aware of it or not, each of us lives with a deep craving for positive, life-giving verdicts to overrule the negative verdicts pronounced over us from the outside and from within.

Mar 17

Grief Is An Exhausting Journey by Paul Tautges

Grief is not a burden we are strong enough to carry on our own, without the help of other people.