Christian Life

Jul 21

When Nightmares Become Reality by Grace Pike

What does someone who loves God do when face-to-face with the nightmarish realities of life now?

Jul 16

Are You In God’s Kingdom? by David McLemore

If you can repent and admit your need for Jesus, the kingdom of God can be yours.

Jul 15

Returning to ‘Normal’: The Gift of Harmonious Living by C. J. Moore

Harmonious living is “good and pleasant” because it makes us holy.

Jul 13

Speak Only What Is Good to Give Grace by Josh Manley

Our days and our words are numbered, and before long we will have to give an account to God for how we used them.

Jul 1

The Draw of Worldly Christianity by Dean Inserra

Whereas the Bible teaches that peace with God comes via death (to Christ and also to self), the new prosperity gospel implies that peace with God is settled, and we can now return to the preeminent goal of self-fulfillment.

Jun 30

Is God for Us? by Adam McClendon

God’s greatest good for us is leveraging our lives for the purpose of redemption.

Jun 25

Vacationing to the Glory of God by H.B. Charles Jr.

Do not rob yourself by wasting your resources and missing your opportunity to make spiritual investments.

Jun 23

Trading Glory For Shame by Chris Thomas

We have an advocate, one who took on our shame, and in return has freely shared his glory with us.

Jun 21

For The Christian Prone To High Achievement by Michaela Wingerd

“Well done, good and faithful servant!”[1] It is good and right of you to seek a return on what belongs to your Master. All authority in heaven and on earth does, after all, belong to Him.[2] But do not despair: The Kingdom of God is not a machine, and you are not a cog in […]

Jun 18

Michael Kelley On Not Fearing The Mundane by Michael Kelley

Series: Conversations

Why shouldn’t we be afraid of the mundane or the “boring” things?