Church History

Mar 16

Thomas Kidd on His Primary Influences Related to Evangelicalism and the Life of the Mind by Thomas Kidd

We ask Thomas Kidd, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Church History at MBTS and Distinguished Professor of History at Baylor University, “Who or what were your primary influences related to evangelicalism and the life of the mind?”

Mar 2

How to Teach the Reformation to the Next Generation by Champ Thornton

In some ways, we’re always teaching the next generation about the Reformation. Even when we fail, we have the opportunity to model repentance and reliance on the grace of Christ.

Feb 25

The Lord’s Remembrancer by Jason G. Duesing

Historical theology can be done for the church when historical theologians bring out the treasures from the doctrines of history and serve them as the Lord’s Remembrancers.

Feb 23

The Simple Gospel of Carl Henry by Ryan Reed

This is the simple gospel of Carl Henry. This is the gospel that raises the dead to life from the God who speaks and shows.

Feb 18

Small Beginnings: C. H. Spurgeon at Waterbeach by Geoff Chang

For so many young pastors, the early years of pastoral ministry can prove to be daunting. Yet, these highlights from Spurgeon’s first pastorate provide a guide for areas to prioritize in these early years.

Jan 19

Geoff Chang on Why Church Members Should Read Church History by Geoff Chang asks Geoff Chang, curator of the Spurgeon Library and assistant professor of Historical Theology at Midwestern Seminary, “Why should local church members regularly read or think about church history?”

Oct 28

What Was Reformed in the Reformation by Daryl Wingerd

The Reformers were united in their belief that the Bible alone teaches all that is necessary for salvation and Christian living.

Aug 11

John Mark Yeats on Where to Start With Church History by John Mark Yeats

Series: Conversations asks John Mark Yeats, Dean of Students and Professor of Church History at MBTS, “If someone wanted to jump into studying church history, where would be a good place to start?”

Aug 6

Our Times Are in His Hands by Diana Severance

Corrie traveled the world sharing her story and the lessons she had learned: God’s love is stronger that the deepest darkness; God’s love is victorious over hatred.

May 19

Faithfulness in the Shadows: The Life and Ministry of Philip Melanchthon by Jesse Randolph

Philip Melanchthon’s life, gifts, writings, and relationships provide a worthy example for modern-day ministers who find themselves “in the shadows” of the ministry of another.