Church History

Jul 27

Bavinck & Warfield: A Centennial Celebration by Ronni Kurtz

While Bavinck taught me who God is, Warfield was instructive in demonstrating how this God is to be studied.

Jul 20

Learning Church Commitment from Lucy Hutchinson by Jenny-lyn de Klerk

One of the greatest benefits of learning from Christians in past eras is that it changes you as a person.

Jul 13

The Lasting Influence of Carl F. H. Henry by Jesse Payne

Through his work, Carl Henry intended to draw attention to the importance of theological accuracy, faithfulness, and beauty for the Christian life.

Jul 6

An Agent of Usefulness: William Wilberforce by Michael McMullen

The story of William Wilberforce is fairly well-known, but his spirituality and his personal walk with Christ are less known and appreciated.

Jun 29

Mine Was the Victory: Lessons from the Life of Perpetua by John Mark Yeats

As men and women who follow Christ, our hope in the 21st century is no different from those in the first or third century. May we stand faithfully in Christ alone.

Mar 16

Thomas Kidd on His Primary Influences Related to Evangelicalism and the Life of the Mind by Thomas Kidd

We ask Thomas Kidd, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Church History at MBTS and Distinguished Professor of History at Baylor University, “Who or what were your primary influences related to evangelicalism and the life of the mind?”

Mar 2

How to Teach the Reformation to the Next Generation by Champ Thornton

In some ways, we’re always teaching the next generation about the Reformation. Even when we fail, we have the opportunity to model repentance and reliance on the grace of Christ.

Feb 25

The Lord’s Remembrancer by Jason G. Duesing

Historical theology can be done for the church when historical theologians bring out the treasures from the doctrines of history and serve them as the Lord’s Remembrancers.

Feb 23

The Simple Gospel of Carl Henry by Ryan Reed

This is the simple gospel of Carl Henry. This is the gospel that raises the dead to life from the God who speaks and shows.

Feb 18

Small Beginnings: C. H. Spurgeon at Waterbeach by Geoff Chang

For so many young pastors, the early years of pastoral ministry can prove to be daunting. Yet, these highlights from Spurgeon’s first pastorate provide a guide for areas to prioritize in these early years.