Apr 13

A Strict But Clear Definition of the Church Brings Freedom by Caleb Greggsen

A strict and clear definition of ‘church’ guards against mission creep, cultural and non-biblical norms, and unnecessary discouragement.

Apr 12

If the Church Will Have Glory, It Must Come from God by Jared C. Wilson

American evangelicalism has emerged in the 21st century not as a prophetic witness but as a political action committee.

Apr 8

Addressing Fraternal Disagreements in the Body of Christ by Rhyne Putman

Scripture does not require brothers and sisters in Christ to agree about everything, but it does place certain expectations on the way we are to disagree with one another.

Apr 8

Matt Capps on What A Church Needs From Its Pastor by Matt Capps

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing a church needs from its pastor?

Apr 7

Why Every Single Person Matters by Scott Sauls

He, the Creator of everything that is, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and the Omega, the Seed who crushed the serpent’s head, the Beginning and the End, became weak, disabled, and disposed of.

Apr 7

A Revolution Comes to Its Rallying Place by Adam McClendon

The chatter that happens on the way out is a glorious reminder that these are God’s people, his family, and today’s reunion was another picture of the eternal home to which we’re going.

Apr 2

When It’s Time to Leave a Church by H.B. Charles, Jr.

Here’s the bottom line: You must leave a church when a church requires you to deny what you believe or believe what you deny.

Mar 26

Mark Dever On Leading Change In A Church by Mark Dever

Series: Conversations

How do you lead big change in a church without blowing it up?

Mar 5

Russell Moore On The Mission of the Church by Russell Moore

Series: Conversations

Has the mission of the mission of the church changed?

Mar 4

Nathan Rose on Pastors’ Sabbaticals and the Benefit for Churches by Nathan Rose

Series: Conversations asks Nathan Rose, Lead Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO, "How do churches benefit from giving their pastors a sabbatical?"