Feb 22

Episode 200: Barnabas Piper on Belonging by Barnabas Piper and Jared C. Wilson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with pastor and author Barnabas Piper about his new book “Belonging” and the beauty of gospel-centered unity and community in the local church.

Jun 7

Three Pursuits Better Than Being Right by Kyle Julius

Nobody is going to get everything right all the time. As the church, our aim is not to be right on all things, in all the times. Rather, the Bible calls us to three pursuits of greater value. 

May 5

Don’t Waste Your Life Following Your Passion by David Prince

It is the time of year where graduations abound. Commencement speakers and familial advice-givers are saying things like: “Follow your passion!” “Chase your dreams!” “Focus on being true to yourself!” “You can change the world!” On the whole, such admonitions are dreadful advice and will paralyze, not liberate, those who embrace them. As far as […]

Feb 16

15 Resolves for Maintaining Spiritual Balance in Severe Interpersonal Conflicts by Jim Elliff

Here are fifteen areas of obedience that will bring personal peace, assure that God’s reputation is honored in our lives, and improve dramatically the possibility for reconciliation.

Dec 1

Episode 145: Complications with Community by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared discusses some of the ways members can frustrate the experience of gospel-centered community in their churches.

Dec 1

Steve Bezner On Maintaining A Culture Of Community by Steve Bezner

Series: Conversations

How do you maintain a culture of community in a growing church?

Apr 27

Bear the Sin, Look to the Savior by Allyson Howell (Todd)

This is the path that looks like insanity to the world. Bearing the sins of one another in daily life, and even if we cannot maintain a relationship any longer, still loving and forgiving those who hurt us. 

Mar 25

Recovering The Lost Art Of Encouragement by Scott Sauls

When a friend is caught in addiction or destructive behavior, the loving thing to do is to help them out of it through intervention.

Dec 18

Wounding Our Friends by Allyson Howell (Todd)

Hurtful words are only good if they are selfless words, driven by love. 

Jun 13

Liturgy for Life: The Rhythms That Shape Us by Morgan Byrd

If Christians are shaped by the form of corporate worship, then they will also be shaped by the rhythms of their daily life as a part of the community of God.