Jan 2

Historical Portraits of Pastoral Care: Shepherding Like a Reformer by Caleb Lenard

We can only do ministry because Christ is alive and has called us to enter his ministry as a conduit from which his grace is poured out. It is his ministry that will heal, speak, bless, save, comfort, and guide. So may we as pastors step out in faithful obedience to care for the flocks entrusted to us.

Aug 31

Episode 175: Geoff Chang on Spurgeon the Pastor by Geoff Chang and Jared C. Wilson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with his MBTS colleague Dr. Geoff Chang, professor of church history and curator of the Spurgeon Library, about his new book on Spurgeon’s pastoral ministry, implications for megachurches, and more.

Jun 15

Episode 164: Thomas Kidd on the Fascinating Case of Thomas Jefferson by Jared C. Wilson and Thomas Kidd

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with historian Dr. Thomas Kidd about his new biography of Thomas Jefferson, helping us separate fact from fiction in Jefferson’s life and spirituality.

Apr 29

Thomas Kidd on Why Pastors Should Care about History by Thomas Kidd

Why should pastors seek to study and understand history?

Jun 8

Churchill and Church Leadership by Jason K. Allen

Even for the gospel minister, personal courage is indispensable. Ministry is not for the faint of heart.

Mar 15

Lemuel Haynes and The Right Preaching of Justice by Jared C. Wilson

At once a Christian may feel drawn toward a sub-gospel approach to justice issues, in which doctrine takes a back seat to human concerns of flourishing and liberation, or equally drawn toward a non-applicational theology that divorces the gospel from its social implications. Haynes is a model way out of this false dichotomy.

Mar 31

John Mark Yeats on How We Benefit From Knowing Our Past by John Mark Yeats

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Dr. John Mark Yeats, Dean of Students and Professor of Church History at MBTS, "How would Christians benefit in the future from know our past?"

Nov 12

Episode 070: The Most Significant Figure in American Church History You’ve Never Heard Of by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this episode of the For The Church Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ronni Kurtz discuss a pioneering pastor from American church history who is woefully unknown.

May 23

Was George Whitefield a Christian? by Jared C. Wilson

What do we make of the fact that the man who was perhaps the greatest preacher in American history and is still one of evangelicalism's favorite heroes owned slaves and propagated slavery?

Sep 26

The Man Who Died for the Lords Supper by Benjamin Hawkins

Frith's call for Christian love doesn’t mean that he saw doctrinal debates about the Lord’s Supper as unimportant.