Mar 14

Episode 5: Sensible by Jared C. Wilson and Ronnie Martin

When we say “pastor on Twitter,” what image first comes to your mind? It’s likely not an even-keeled, thoughtful, diserning personality. But social media isn’t the only platform for unstable pastors. In this new episode, Jared and Ronnie talk about the tendency for pastors to be swayed by cultural winds, congregational pressures, crazy headlines, and just their own rabbit trails and hobby-horses. When a pastor’s mind is constantly “held captive” by every thought — instead of the other way around — he loses his sense.

Mar 13

Episode 254: Being a Good Listener by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ross Ferguson discuss the art of listening. How can we make sure the people in our lives and churches feel heard? And why is that important? Included are some practical tips for becoming better listeners.

Jun 7

Three Pursuits Better Than Being Right by Kyle Julius

Nobody is going to get everything right all the time. As the church, our aim is not to be right on all things, in all the times. Rather, the Bible calls us to three pursuits of greater value. 

Nov 18

A Reflection on Kindness from Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See by Grace Pike

Series: The Lord and Literature

True strength is not found in the gritting of teeth or clenching of fists, but in the willingness to lay down at the foot of the cross and trust God as we choose the course of kindness.

Aug 21

The Fear of the Lord is Humility by David McLemore

As it always is with God, we get more than we deserve.

Jan 14

Tolkien, Great Reversals, and Hobbit-like Humility by Justin Jackson

Left without a challenger, pride makes us into self-exalters who forget that we are here to magnify God and not ourselves.

Oct 2

The One Thing God Exalts by Justin Buzzard

God is in the business of opposing and exalting, of bringing down and lifting up.

Sep 27

Are We Allergic to Insignificance? by Erik Raymond

True greatness, according to Jesus, is found in being rather unimpressive.

Sep 19

5 Exercises in Theological Humility by Brandon D. Smith

What you do with that conviction is the difference between arrogance and humility, immaturity and maturity.

Aug 7

It Isn�t About Me by Jim Elliff

The world is a barren wilderness without love. You really do need each other.